Got a question? Got an answer? Log in, then enter your text. I have fired about But, cocking is still very stiff. It takes more effort than what I have seen in the videos just to put it back into firing position. Any suggestions? Use a bit of silicone grease on the barrel pivots and on the cocking shoe. The RWS 34's had a ltd. I read that another company has now bought Diana air rifles so is the 34 still made in Germany and does it use German produced barrels or have they started using Chinese produced barrels?

Thanks in advance. When I got my red 34 the sights did not adjust high enough for me to sight in the rifle. Later I mounted a utg scope mount and scope.

The rifle was working fine until the barrel started getting stuck and not being able to break currently it is stuck should I just oil the moving parts or what should I do??? There was a thread on an air gun blog regarding this and the results per hours. Regardless of these findings I only leave mine no longer than 30 min tops. I would recommend no longer than a few hours at a time. There is not data to support a given amount of time damaging or hurting the gun if left cocked, but personally, a few hours is my limit.

It does not appear to be acknowledged on the gun. First 2 shots are almost always dead on but my 3rd shot doesn't even hit the target. Umarex is unresponsive to the question. I use a droop compensator on both of my 34 T06's and am good to go. I could not get on target with either scope despite using shims. I finally mounted an old gamo scope junk imo but I guess not so much! I'm getting perfect groups with almost every shot. BIG question Any break barrel air rifle is a scope killer unless the scope is air gun rated.

A high dollar scope that can survive the recoil of a. A standard scope is subjected to a reverse recoil only but an air rifle actually generates 2 recoils; the 1st jolts the rifle back when the massive coil spring is released then it jolts it forward when the piston reaches the end of the cycle in the chamber.

Make sure the scope you buy for your 34 is air gun rated, good luck. My understanding is it is a design character of many break barrel air rifles.As a gun company grows, especially if that growth is rapid, the historical implications of model changes, new packaging, etc.

rws diana serial numbers

It isn't until years, usually decades later, that collectors begin to try to sift out what has happened and determine which models came first, which are the rarest, and even which models existed. It frequently happens that the factory staff themselves actually have less knowledge of their own early models than do those later collectors. Beeman discovered rather early that most of the factories that we deal with do not even have literature, much less specimens, of their earliest models.

For instance, we discovered that we had more specimens and information about the early Benjamin airguns than the factory itself, and that our collection housed a pre-WWII Weihrauch repeating air pistol that the Weihrauchs had forgotten. Someday I'm going to work through our records and get exact details on serial numbers and production quantities of early Beeman airguns. In the meantime, perhaps I can do the collecting fraternity a favor by at least pointing out some rare Beeman models and variations.

Any gun that is produced in quantities less than Is generally considered to be a very rare gun. Commemorative series are usually run in quantities of less than Virtually all of the guns which I will mention have been produced in quantities less than and most of them in quantities under A few of them existed only in "handful" quantities.

We were bringing these in when we were a very small company in a home shop in San Anselmo, California. Any such guns marked with the San Anselmo address must be considered quite rare. There was a later small run in which the "Inc. When we first started importing airguns from the Dianawerk company in Germany, they were marked both with our name and the brand name.

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Therefore, we must consider Beeman's Original Models 27 and 35 air rifles and Beeman's Original Models 5, 6, and 10 air pistols as rare Items.

Only a tiny series of Beeman's Original Model 10 air pistols were made with an eccentric sleeve around the rear of the receiver to provide for variable pressure against the web of the shooting hand.

There are no legitimate specimens in. The very rarest legitimate version of this series would be a. Beeman's Original Models 5 and 6 air pistols which bear genuine Beeman one piece walnut grips are extremely rare, especially if mounted with the removable Beeman wire shoulder stock.

Variations of Beeman's Original pistols with a Beeman-supplied Schmeisser-type folding stock are the rarest versions of all.

rws diana serial numbers

Only one specimen of Beeman's Original Model 5 in. There also is a Beeman's Original Model 75 match rifle. Few were made; perhaps less than six of these were made with a true left-hand action.

These were the Beeman Model The Beeman Model rifle was the very rarest of all; I recollect that less thanperhaps less than 50, such guns ever were made. All of the above Beeman model guns were made In.Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. Where to find serial number. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Diana. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Where would I find the serial number on a Diana 52? I have only found the date of manufacture Many thks Sidelever. BSA Superten.

Diana RWS 46

AA S Join Date Mar Location near rotterdam,netherlands Posts 3, On many Diana's, on the barrel iirc. I had a Dianna though she wasnt I tried very hard to find any sort of markings and in a lot of non obvious places too Sadly, all I found was a small tattoo of a duck on her left thigh.

Widgeon if I recall correctly Those were the days Originally Posted by sidelever. Originally Posted by air-tech. Quick Navigation General Airgun. Private Sales.

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All rights reserved. Important: Opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of the AirgunBBS or any individuals directly or indirectly involved in this website or the companies and individuals associated with it.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Author Topic: Diana 48 Age? Read times. I'm curious about the age of the used 48 that I recently purchased. Looking down the bore it appears to have 8 grooves in the barrel. I'm guessing that I have a rifle with a T01 trigger.

What do you think, or do I need to provide more information? RWS Diana 52 T Crosman Vantage NP. JimL Expert Posts: Great Airguns So, it is. Does that make my rifle have a T01 trigger?

I've searched and have found nothing so far about which years Diana made the trigger changes. I recently repaired a model 48 and it had a T01 trigger. If your trigger has two adjusting screws on the trigger blade it is a T If it has one adjusting screw it is a T Harrisburg, PA. Here's a link to the Diana Page.

You're welcome. T01 is a great trigger. Diana switched to the T05 to cut costs. They came out with the T06 because of complaints with the T If you hunt It's also a fine bench trigger if you wanna adjust it that way.

I don't believe the unsubstantiated cost cutting stuff. But then Jdunn Guest.

rws diana serial numbers

So there isn't a t02,t03, or t04 trigger? Hey, I like the T05 trigger too. I know what you mean about the break. It's nice and crisp.

Diana 48 Age?

I have found no compelling reason yet to add the second screw mod to my T The complaints were that Diana used plastic to make the blade and there was less adjustment than the T01 had.

Probably why the second screw mod was developed. I'm not complaining, it's what that BB guy said in his blog, so yes, consider the source.I just acquired this RWS branded Diana Model 10 1st gen and am hoping someone can help with its vintage.

I can find no date code on it and read the Model 10's didn't have them. It is marked made in West Germany and the serial number is xx. It's in great shape and fires strong. Anyone can offer a date? I'm thinking late 80's.

Put about 10 pellets through it and there is absolutely no recoil. Quite amazing for a spring piston gun. Does anyone know how to put a scope on it if I wanted to go that route? Thanks for the info on the dating and the scope idea.

I'm not sure I want to do any mods to the gun, especially anything involving drilling. It's a classic and i'd hate to damage it. Was looking to see if any stock scope mounts were available. No worries, I'll just shoot it as is.

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Rws Diana Model 10 questions? December 2, at pm Link. Sammi68 Participant. Pneumatic-Addict Participant. December 3, at am Link. December 4, at am Link. December 4, at pm Link.

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RWS 5G Magnum Air Pistol Recall

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rws diana serial numbers

Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. The gun is stable and accurate. Scope rail is long which is good. Things I would have changed : The gun is heavy with the scope, and there is not a practical way to install a sling. What others should know : A lot has been said about the Diana trigger but the way I see it is they have been doing the plastic trigger for years,so they know what they are doing.

If you want a gun that is cheap to shoot and will double as a small game rifle,I would say buy this gun. I have the traditional break barrel guns but now the 46 will be the gun I will shoot with.

The scope I have purchased works well on this gun. It is not moving the scope or rings. The thing that sold me on the rifle is the velocity rating. It is not what you would call scorching but it is just fine for small game out to yards with the 22 cal.

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Things I liked : High quality. Clean design. Easy loading. Long scope rail. Easy-to-adjust rear sight.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum Collectable airguns Dating Age of Diana airguns? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Dating Age of Diana airguns? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Dating Age of Diana airguns? This is why constant restrictions on legal users will have no effect on the unlawfull use of guns or knives!

Would also be interested in reading up on the models ,has there been a good book with reliable information published? Have you seen the Dianwerk Collective forum? Lots of info and banter in there about post-War Dianas. There's no book just on Dianas that I know of.

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Vintage Airguns Gallery. Above link posted with permission from Gareth W-B In British slang an anorak is a person who has a very strong interest in niche subjects.

Hi Hawkye, I see that you have some Diana airguns and wondered if you have any information on air pistols. I have a first diana air pistol and it is marked MGR and wanted to know if you can tell me anything about it and its possible value.

It is in very good condition. Join Date Feb Location oldbury Posts 1, Diana rws Most of my original,diana And rws rifles have next to the made in west Germany stamp a few didgets stamped in also. These are month and year related. Dianawerkcollectice have a great thread re models introduction too dating but not sure if this is relevant too great britains mil bro Diana's.

It too is a great sight indeed and a vast knowledge with its users. Originally Posted by Garvin. Originally Posted by original Most of my original,diana And rws rifles have next to the made in west Germany stamp a few didgets stamped in also. Private Sales. Please read the stickys before posting.